Safety in the Secret Place . . . Part 1

When I think of a secret place – I think of being hidden or undiscovered, covered up, unseen, out of reach or protected.

As I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my mother to finish with her physical – I was writing in my journal when a young boy walked by me. He suddenly stopped in his tracks just as he passed me. I was sitting beside a glass aviary. Four finches dwelled in this aviary – I’m assuming they were the mother, the father and two baby birds (judging by their sizes). Inside this aviary was all that these finches would need – the right temperature lighting, two wicker nests, a few branches, water, food, sharpening stones, etc. Their little abode was perfectly set up just for them.

Anyway, as the young boy stopped in front of the aviary totally captivated by the sight of the birds, he realized the birds all stopped what they were doing. Each finch literally stopped in their tracks and gazed back at the boy. As he began to walk off, he realized that although birds had been resting on their perches, they all began to shift in the opposite direction of where the boy was headed. Oh yeah, this really got the boy’s attention – so he backed up a bit. Yes, the birds slid in the opposite direction on their perch.

This was just the beginning for this little fellow. The boy walked right up to the front of the aviary and squared off. He lifted out his left hand and the birds slid to the right. Then he alternated to his right hand and the birds began to slide to the left. This went on for a moment as realization set in for the boy. At that moment, I’m thinking this boy believed he was controlling every action of the birds with the mere wave of his arms. More rapidly, the little boy alternated and moved his arms and hands left then right, up then down. At one point – the two younger birds began to fly from one perch to another – whatever it took to escape the IMPLIED danger. Back and forth, back and forth and then all the birds flew!

Some people in the waiting area laughed, while this sparked the boy further, I lost interest. However, I looked up once again right before the boy stopped and I noticed there were only three birds in the cage moving. As I looked and looked, I only saw three birds. I even stood up and looked into the aviary from the front. My prior side view angle revealed nothing! I saw three birds! Even from the front, I still saw three birds! After the boy walked away, I looked in the nests – nothing! I looked in the corners – nothing! I looked at the top of the aviary, although I knew there was no way out! Nothing!

I remember thinking how interested I was in the whereabouts of that bird more than I was interested in anything else going on around me at the time. I honestly could not figure out how that one bird could escape when the others couldn’t! As I scratched my head in wonderment, I sat back in my chair, but I kept my eyes glued to the aviary. I mean I was intently staring at this aviary in total confusion at this point when after a few moments, I saw the slightest movement in the corner of my eye. Right in front of my face, on my side of the aviary, there was a limb underneath the larger nest. The whole side of that limb was cast in a shadow. Atop the limb was the missing bird! Apparently he had been sitting there for quite some time! The shadow that was cast over the limb had totally protected the bird from the boy’s vision . . . not to mention my vision as well.

As clear as day, Yahweh dropped this thought within me . . . you see, there are times in our lives when Satan plays games with us just like that little boy did with the finches. Just when we think life is going wonderful, we sit back and enjoy it (life) a little. Then, here comes Satan to wave, flap or dangle an apparent danger in our direction. He often teases, torments or occasionally inflicts harm upon us. He also brings trials from the left and the right of us. Our adversary, the devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8) That is his job folks!

God spoke to my spirit that although that little boy was outside of the cage – he appeared to be a dangerous threat to the birds. As they saw his hands coming – not once did they realize: 1) the boy had no authority to get into the cage to truly endanger them; 2) had the boy actually harmed the birds, he was definitely going to answer to a higher authority; and 3) AND, there would be a price that child would have to pay!

At that moment, realization set in for me. Yahweh showed me that this was the same way in which Satan operates. He waves, flaps, and shakes thinks in our direction AND he implies danger!

The lesson here is that out of the four birds, one discovered the Secret Place!

(To Be Continued  ~  11/10/2013)
If we expect to experience Safety in the Secret Place . . .

Be blessed,

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