Scribe . . . ?

Scribe . . . ?

  • a writer or author, especially a journalist.
  • Also called sophersofer. Judaism. one of the group of Palestinian scholars and teachers of Jewish law and tradition, active from the 5th century b.c. to the 1st century a.d., who transcribed, edited, and interpreted the Bible.
verb (used without object)
  • to act as a scribe; write
I consider myself a writer . . . it is a deep passion that Yahweh has placed within me. I write all the time. And, when I don’t write, I can tell the difference in my life – I feel as though something is desperately missing!
I often journal about most anything! While most of my journals are private moments, I’ve referred to many of these writings at a later date to see what Yahweh wants to reveal to me . . . as you will see!
It seems as though most of my writings start off with me journaling my thoughts on a matter/issue. However, much of what I write turns into something quite different. I journal random writings and/or thoughts at times – short stories, poems, I started my first novel (still in the works a decade later), and various other ramblings. I’ve even doodled and/or included pictures with verbiage of my thoughts on the pictures – again, I love to write!
I pray something I write here blesses you!
Be blessed!