2 comments on “The Lord . . . has mercy on you!

  1. In the ancient scrolls found at the Dead Sea excavation, indeed of LORD, it’s written Yahweh (יהוה). You may study the Hebrew Text analysis at this link: https://biblehub.com/text/isaiah/54-10.htm. The King James translators knew this because they consistently (throughout the Old Testament) replace Yahweh for LORD or GOD in all caps. This is a direct violation of God’s warning not to add to or take away from his word.

    Anyhow, when a scripture is not accurate, I can’t share it. I won’t even share scriptures with the name “Jesus,” because it wasn’t his name. Otherwise, the artwork is nice.


    • That is correct . . . AND, well before I called on the name of Yahweh and/or even knew Yeshua, I called on the name of Jesus and I was saved! Many of my readers know nothing of Yahweh and wisdom over the years has taught me to reach people where they are and then educate them. Many folk that don’t know the name Yahweh are confused and/or have never seen or heard the name. When we sincerely witness to folk (my mission here), love on them and then begin to teach them, they are receptive like you wouldn’t believe!

      Because Yah looks at the heart – we should too!

      Some people read the bible in Greek and some people read the bible in Hebrew . . . but I’ve learned to read the bible in the Holy Spirit! (Smith Wigglesworth)


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